Investment Advisory Services

The International Investment Group L.L.C., an SEC Registered Investment Adviser, was a pioneer in offering institutions and other sophisticated investors the opportunity to invest in diversified trade finance portfolios, originally through fund products and subsequently through other types of investment vehicles, such as Collateralized Loan Obligations (“CLOs”).

As an established boutique alternative investment manager, IIG is able to quickly identify and capitalize on a wide variety of investment opportunities. IIG’s team brings proven credentials, expertise and performance to the alternative investment market. In addition, IIG’s international network of advisors and representatives provides insight into local market conditions and enables the firm to capitalize upon new opportunities.

Among the Firm’s key strengths is the experience of its management team, its successful performance record despite periods of significant market volatility, a team-oriented culture and commitment to quality service. IIG has invested substantially to establish a strong foundation and infrastructure for effective long-term fund management, including in-house operations, technology and compliance.

IIG’s Product Offerings Include:

Registered Investment Advisor - Open-ended Funds
Open-ended Funds

With assets bearing virtually no correlation with equity or fixed-income markets, IIG’s fund products have historically provided investors with absolute returns.

Registered Investment Advisor - Collateralized Loan Obligations
Collateralized Loan Obligations

In November 2013, IIG completed a pioneering securitization of non-bank Latin America-based trade finance loans through the issuance of a $220 million CLO with the help of Deutsche Bank Securities, Inc. who arranged and placed the vehicle.

Registered Investment Advisor - Managed Accounts
Managed Accounts

IIG is able to tailor products/managed accounts which meet investors’ specifications based on, among other criteria, Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors, investment structure, geographic focus, industries, and cash flow.

Registered Investment Advisor - Sub-Advisory Services
Sub-Advisory Services

IIG is a primary sub-advisor for a US retail fund focused on impact investing and is willing to evaluate other sub-advisory arrangements (white label fund vehicles or other) on a case-by-case basis.