Trade Finance

IIG is dedicated to providing international merchants, traders and processors with alternative forms of short-term financing for qualified trade-related and commercial transactions.

The Firm’s innovative financing solutions can be used in place of or to supplement traditional bank financing. IIG’s goal is to enable its clients to take advantage of expanded marketplace opportunities in order to grow their businesses and add incremental profit to their bottom lines.

The Firm can provide the financing needed to facilitate the import and export of commodities and other goods, as well as to accommodate fast growth, large orders, the gap between delivery and payment, seasonal sales spikes and expansion into new markets.

The Hallmarks of Our Service Include:

Trade Finance - Latin America

Our expertise extends across a wide variety of domestic and international market sectors.

Registered Investment Advisor

We work closely with clients to develop a strong understanding of their businesses, so we can provide financing solutions that are customized to meet their specific needs.

Commodity Trade Finance

Rather than focusing on a merchant's balance sheet or credit history, we look at a business's viability when assessing its qualifications for financing.

Trade Finance Solutions

Many of our products are unique within the finance industry. Clients can use them as a sole source of financing, or in tandem with bank financing.